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Paris based photographer, Brenda Turnnidge, an Anglo-Greek, possesses a unique, fresh and eclectic vision of the world she photographs. A photographer who travels rather than a travel photographer, it’s not easy to label Turnnidge whose body of work is simply too diverse. She has travelled widely, was based in Asia during the 80‘s and has an impressive collection of archives which document our ever-changing world caught between tradition and modernity. Brenda Turnnidge’s photographs have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Hong Kong, Macao, Tokyo, New York, Turin, London and Paris. She is perhaps best known for her tinted collections, photographs she takes in B&W, prints on fiber-based paper and then hand paints using her stock of photographic inks bought in China in the 1980’s.

For the event at “Round the Corner”, Turnnidge has chosen to show a selection of these tinted photographs taken mainly from her 2002 Paris exhibition, BIZARRO WORLD. The world is not always what it appears to be, we encounter detours, diversions, stumble upon barriers, we need to question our pre-conceived ideas. a sky is orange, a street is yellow, a purple mist surrounds us, this seems normal but not quite normal. Almost mundane photos from daily life appear surreal yet real. Turnnidge injects a new vibrancy and energy into her works. The stunning results, a fusion between photography & painting betray her passion for life, her obsession for crossing borders and building bridges between peoples.

Some of the Asian images date back to the early 1990’s when on her return from Hong Kong, she started hand-tinting her Asian stock photos to compensate for the relative grayness of Paris in winter. The “Round the Corner” selection will have you traveling from Macao to Mexico via the Middle East and back again. The world through rose-tinted spectacles, a world where no passport is necessary.

Bon voyage!

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