PHOTOGRAPHY workshop in Marrakesh | 1st to 6th December | 2011

Marrakesh | © Susana Paiva

THE PORTFOLIO PROJECT is currently organising an internship on photography to be held in Marrakesh, Morocco, from the 2nd to the 6th of December, 2011, and limited to a maximum of six participants. This internship will focus on photography projects about Marrakesh and will be coached by Susana Paiva and Brenda Turnnidge. Mr. Hassam Nadim, an internationally renowned local photographer, will follow all projects.

Fees: € 650,00 (5 nights B&B in a local hotel included; return trip to Marrakesh not included | arrival on the 1st December)

Enrollment: until June 30th

Enrollment fees: € 200,00 (to be deducted from the total fees). Full payment (€ 450,00) due until October 15th, 2011.

For further information, please contact + 351 919 370 353 or

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