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Brenda Turnnindge@THE COLLECTION

“The Collection” is an experimental project that speaks of photography in the absence of the image. What sound corresponds to a certain image? What is the best soundtrack for a photographic series? What do photographers think and say about their own work?

An artist residency held at Round The Corner, in Lisbon during June 2011 and attended by the following photographers:

Ana Filipa Quintão
Ana Pereira
Brenda Turnnidge
Nuno Awouters
Mario Pires
Patricia Poção
Rosa Reis
Sónia Ras

Susana Paiva and Margarida Guia‘s project, which will now be presented at “Terra de Ninguém” in Guimarães – Portugal, during the first event of the collective “Guimarães noc noc”, an organization for the promotion and dissemination of art.

This first event organized by this collective takes place on 1 and 2 October 2011 in the town of Guimarães, Portugal, and integrates multiple artistic disciplines – Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Video, Performance, Installation, Music, Poetry, etc. –in a informal show.

Guimarães noc noc shows creates an alternative where the public can view art in non-institutional spaces. The art is displayed in homes, workshops, streets and shops and associations, giving the public the possibility of a direct contact with art and the artist.

This format implies a sharing of responsibility and involvement by artists and the public with the purpose of creating a public event, belonging to everyone who is involved in the urban city. This involvement by side and sharing community, part of the process, it is assumed as an added value and ensures the success and continuity of the project.

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